5 Reasons to Plan Your Anniversary Trip in Santa Barbara, CA

The entire California coastline is absolutely gorgeous, so why should you and bae choose Santa Barbara over any other city for your Anniversary trip?! In this blog post, I will give you 5 reasons to choose Santa Barbara for your anniversary trip!

1. When the kids go back to school, Summer begins in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Coastline.jpg

Unlike what you may have heard, May and June aren’t the best time to hit the coast because it tends to get hit by the Marine Layer, which leads to the beautiful coast being completely covered in Fog. With that being said, it usually burns off by mid- July to August which is the perfect time to head to Santa Barbara while the kids head back to class!

2. The Beach is great, but what about gorgeous Mountain views?!

Photo by Kyle Cottrell Photography

Photo by Kyle Cottrell Photography

In less than an hour, you can travel from the coastline to the top of the mountain for gorgeous views of Santa Barbara with the Catalina Islands out in the distance. There are a lot of different spots that are easily accessible for those that want to pull off quickly and enjoy the views, as well as many trails for the outdoorsy couples that want to enjoy a hike!

3. Amazing Food in a Great Atmosphere

After a day of exploration on the coast and in the mountains, it’s time to head to downtown Santa Barbara to get some dinner in the Funk Zone! If you’re in the mood for some fancy cuisine and some cocktails, look no further than The Lark. Just look at the food in the photo above, what more convincing do you need?!

Looking for something a little more casual? Head over to Benchmark Eatery, you can never go wrong with the classic Burger and Fries!

COFFEE TIME! If you’re a coffee drinker, look no further than Handlebar Coffee Roasters. They offer an amazing menu of different drinks, as well as some tasty light meals. Take a seat inside this beautiful shop, or outside on the patio, and relax for a bit before you take on the rest of the day!

4. Beautiful Sunsets!

Photo taken by Kyle Cottrell Photography

Photo taken by Kyle Cottrell Photography

Whether you’re at the beach, or in the mountains, Santa Barbara is notorious for it’s gorgeous sunsets! Stay in Santa Barbara, or even take a little drive north to El Capitan Beach or Refugio Beach where you can enjoy a romantic sunset with a little more seclusion!

5. Take Anniversary Photos in Gorgeous Weather

As a Photographer, it would be crazy of me not to suggest taking some beautiful Anniversary photos while you’re visiting Santa Barbara! Once August hits, and the temperature averages in the mid 70’s!

Since you’re already all dressed up for the Photoshoot, you’ll be ready to head downtown for dinner and a night out in the Funk Zone afterwards! For pricing and availability, shoot me an email before your Anniversary trip, and lets capture some beautiful photos that will last with the two of you for the rest of your lives!